The Return of the Son of Cravenomena

Welcome to Cravenomena, Mk3.

If you have been here before and are looking for one of the blog entries from the past, be advised that sometime in early 2014, hackers from Russia apparently injected malware into the site and because I didn’t catch it for several months, I have no clean backup of the site.  Meaning everything was lost, including post comments from the likes of director Jack Hill and musician Joey Myers.  Bah.

Mamas, don’t let your boys grow up to be hackers from Russia.

Anyway, I had been planning on redesigning the site for some time anyway, and making it more of an online show reel for my work as a producer and writer.  I intend to someday repost the more popular blog entries from the old Cravenomena, including: My personal story of working with a serial killer; my tribute to my late friend, Carolena Fleishman; and my paean to the Marx Nutty Mads.

I am using Supakunza’s beautiful new Nulis theme for this, the third iteration of Cravenomena.  I think it’s a gorgeous minimalist theme, very readable and easy on the eyes.

Please feel free to explore the site. And don’t forget to check out the Notes Blog & Podcast and Comet Bang! if you get the chance.